Conventional brick and masonry fireplaces are a thing of the past. They may be beautiful, but the warmth they provide just cannot compete with modern fireplaces. Not to mention the soot and ashes left over by the burnt wood. There are even times when ashes and embers escape and make you living room furniture dirty.

There is, however, one alternative. That alternative is a wood burning fireplace insert. These inserts are perfect for ready-made brick and masonry fireplaces as they come in all sizes.


Not everyone is familiar with fireplace inserts. Fireplace inserts are devices that can be installed in pre-built fireplaces. Propane, wood, pellets or even coal can fuel them.

The device works through a series of vents. The lower vent sucks in the fresh clean air. It then leads the air to the main chamber where it is heated to the right temperature. It then exits through the upper vent into to the room.

Most fireplace inserts have a series of features that help keep the room heated for longer periods of time with lower costs. These features include:

  • 1. Fuel Efficiency. Fireplace inserts are very fuel-efficient. One load of wood can heat the room for up to 10 hours.
  • 2. Thermostat Controls. A homeowner can simply adjust the temperature controls to get his desired room temperature.
  • 3. Energy Saving Blower. A blower routinely checks the temperature and turns on or off to get the desired temperature.
  • 4. Self-Cleaning Glass Window. A self-cleaning glass window will always keep you fireplace looking good and presentable.

These are a few features fireplace inserts have to offer. One can expect a better experience with his fireplace if he installs an insert.


Fireplace inserts are not only an upgrade to the functionality of one’s fireplace; they add beauty and design to one’s home as well.

Wood inserts come in all sizes; they come in a wide array of designs as well. There is a color or design that can fit any home. From rustic to modern even minimalist. The designs are endless. Some companies even offer custom design, for an added price.

Modern designs include wide rectangular windows that are simple yet elegant. These designs are perfect for home that flaunt a modern theme. They come in all sorts of colors and sizes.

Homes that have elegant, traditional feels may consider big, spectacular, and artistic fireplace inserts. These inserts are often time installed behind the concrete. This way, the beauty of the fireplace itself is what is shown.

For a rusting, countryside ambiance, many fireplace inserts blend in to the fireplace. Bricks and beautiful log designs add do the rustic feel of the home.

There are so much more designs one can choose from when looking for an insert to beautify the home. They are great for functionality and decoration as well.


Here is a list of benefits one can expect from a fireplace insert.

  • 1. Fireplace inserts help save fuel. They provide heat for longer hours at a fraction of fuel consumption of traditional fireplaces.
  • 2. They provide more heat. Ordinary fireplaces let 90% of the heat escape through the chimney.
  • 3. Fireplace inserts have temperature regulation controls. This way, anyone can adjust the heat based on his/her preferences.
  • 4. More designs to choose from. There are dozens of designs to fit every home.
  • 5. More value for your money. Fireplace inserts can save a consumer hundreds of dollars in fuel costs.
  • 6. Easy Clean Up. Self-cleaning glass windows and easily accessible main chambers make cleaning a breeze.

These are the great benefits that follow fireplace inserts. Any consumer would surely love to have one of these at home. They can easily heat up one’s home during those cold periods of the year.


Fireplace inserts can be found anywhere. Home appliance store and even home décor stores have stocks of these devices. Another place to look is the Internet. Many websites have large selections of fireplace inserts that come in all sizes to fit every fireplace. Simply get the fireplace’s measurements and a fireplace insert with the matching specifications will be provided in no time.

Wood burning fireplace inserts are great additions to anyone’s home. It gives a better ambiance and a better design to the house. This modern twist to traditional fireplaces is truly a blessing to everyone.